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    کمپنی کو مکمل مصنوعات کے زمرے اور وضاحتیں، اعلی انضمام اور اچھی وشوسنییتا ہے.
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    کوالٹی سب سے پہلے، انسانی پر مبنی، کریڈٹ کے ذریعے صنعت کی تعمیر، پائیدار کاروبار
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    انٹرپرائز مقصد

    عین مطابق ٹرانسمیشن کو درست کنٹرول سے، موشن کنٹرول اور ٹرانسمیشن کے حل کا ایک موثر مربوط سپلائر بننے کے لئے.

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ہمارے بارے میں

Dongguan Xulong industrial control equipment Co., Ltd. focusing on motion control technology, servo drive technology and mechanical transmission and connection solutions, we strive to improve the service quality, take exquisite technology and thoughtful service as the core competitiveness of the enterprise, and are determined to be the best supplier of motion control and transmission solutions and professional integrator of industrial automation connection. The company has complete product categories and specifications, high integration and good reliability. The servo drive products operated by the company have rich digital and analog interfaces, which can support 2500C/T incremental / provincial encoder, 17bit / 20bit / 23bit absolute encoder, including Panasonic 17bit / 23bit, tamakawa encoder, Nikon encoder, heidenham encoder, ABZ provincial / non provincial encoder. It also supports standard modbus, EtherCAT, mechatrolink-II(M2), mechatrolink-III(M3) Powerlink, CANopen and other bus protocols of RS232 and RS485, which is easy to use.

The main  products AC servo motor,AC servo driver,Planetary reducer(Gearbox),  Stepper motor and stepper driver , Coupling,Automatic cable assembly and Servo Connector are widely used in CNC machine tools, processing centers, industrial robots, glasses machinery, woodworking machinery, automatic production lines, plastic machinery, textile machinery and other fields.


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