High power servo motor

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Product name: high-power permanent magnet synchronous servo motor Power range: 9.5kW-22kW

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Permanent magnet synchronous servo motor 9.5-22 KW/160-140N.m /1500-2000rpm

Power range:9.5kW-22kW

Torque range:160-140N.m

Voltage :  380V      Poles: 8p    Cooling Method: Fan Cooling

Feedback unit:23bit absolute value encoder

Fan Parameters:3Ph AC380V-440V 50/60Hz 0.18A 75W

Motor type: Ansynchronous Motor

Encoder: Built-in (magnetic, incremental, resolver, sine and cosine, absolute value optional)

Motor model:CTB-49P5BC1520G、CTB-4011BC1520G、CTB-4015BC1520G、CTB-418P5BC1520G、CTB-4022BC1520G



Model description



◆ Characteristic Curve

◆ Shape And Installation Size(Vertical and horizontal)

◆ Shape And Installation Size(horizontal)

  Applying Area

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