72V DC servo driver

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DC series programmable intelligent servo driver is a universal, high-performance, DC-powered and compact all-digital servo driver. It is mainly used for position, speed and torque control of linear (DDL), torque (DDR), voice coil, brushed and brushless servo motors

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1、Product introduction:

DC series programmable intelligent servo driver is a universal, high performance, DC power supply, compact structure of all digital servo driver. Mainly used in linear (DDL),torque (DDR), voice coil, brushless servo motor position, speed, torque control system. It can be operated in three modes of independently programmable control (STANDalone),external control or distributed network control, and can support incremental encoder,analog sine and cosine encoder(1.0Vp-p), rotary transformer (Resolver) and digital Hall feedback.
1. 2 Technical characteristics
◆Control mode: position, speed, torque;
◆Sampling frequency (time) Current loop: 15KHz(66.7us); Speed/Position Loop :3KHz(330μs);
◆Bandwidth: the current loop is generally 2.5kHz, which varies with parameter adjustment and load inductance;
◆Motion mode: electronic gear, electronic CAM, proportional linkage, point to point;
◆Programmable protection: position error, over current, over voltage or under voltage, I²t,output short circuit overload and other multi-directional protection;
◆Type of driving motor: three-phase stepping motor, brushless motor, brush motor, linear motor, voice coil motor, etc;
◆Position feedback: incremental encoder, Hall, grating ruler, analog sine and cosine(Sin/Cos) encoder(1.0Vp-p), rotary transformer (external conversion card);
◆Pulse response frequency up to 2MHz, with digital filtering function;
◆RS232 serial interface, baud rate up to 115KB;
◆CAN2.0 local area bus, compatible with CANopen DS-402, baud rate up to 1MHz ;
◆Power supply voltage: 18-90(135/180)VDC;



2、Definition of wiring port
2.1 Power input terminal J1