32ST Hollow cup servo

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1、Hollow cup servo
The hollow cup servo has the characteristics of small volume and high speed. The hollow cup winding is adopted, which has no cogging effect, and the torque fluctuation is very small. The high-performance rare earth neodymium iron boron magnetic steel is adopted, with very high power density.The imported brand ball bearing is adopted, and the high service life can reach 10000 hours. It has a very high cost performance ratio to replace similar products.
2、Application characteristics
※ Working Voltage:24VDC

※ Optional planetary reducer with low noise and long service life
※ Provide voltage, speed, torque, flange, shaft diameter and other parameters, and accept customization
Product series:
Hollow cup servo
Frame size -mm :
Rated torque -NM: 0.8-4.5
Rated power -Kw:0.03-0.155
Rated speed -RPM:87-1650
Voltage-V: 24
Diameter of axle:6-12
Reduction Ratio:4.3-100.6

CCL32050C1-1000M-24-8  50W  24V  5A  8MM  87RPM  4.5NM  1024PPR   1/100.6


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