40ST Flange M Series DC servo motor 0.1kw

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All DC motors can be customized.

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1、Standard DC servo motor
Standard DC servo motor, power range 50~1500w, compatible with the installation size of AC servo motor,and the number of encoder lines 1250 and 2500 can be selected. The servo runs smoothly with outstanding low,speed performance. 1rpm can still run smoothly, and the maximum speed can reach 3800rpm under rated voltage.The servo adopts low-voltage DC 24~72vdc power supply to avoid the impact of large voltage fluctuation or dropon the servo drive circuit, which is conducive to improving the service life of the equipment, closer to the international low-voltage service standard, and higher safety. The servo technology is mature, easy to install and adjust, stable and reliable, and cost-effective.
2、Application characteristics
※ Working voltage:24~72VDC
※ Power:50~1500W Low voltage DC servo motor
※ Rated speed:3000RPM
※ Positioning accuracy:1/5000(1250PPR),1/10000(2500PPR)
※ Up to triple overload
※ Multiple series to choosed
3、Standard DC servo motor M series power range is 100~750w, compatible with the installation size of AC servo motor, and the number of encoder lines is 2500. The servo motor has high power density, ultra short body and beautiful appearance. It is suitable for applications requiring extremely high body length
Product series:
Standard DC servo motor – M series
Frame size -mm :40.60.80
Rated torque -NM: 0.32-2.4
Rated power -Kw:0.0.1-0.75
Rated speed -RPM:3000
Voltage-V: 24-48
Diameter of axle:8-14

ACL40100M5-2500E-24-8    0.1Kw  24 5.2A  8MM  3000RPM 0.32NM  2500PPR

All DC motors can be customized.



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