I7-Series Double Axis incremental 220V AC servo driver

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1、I7 series AC Servo Drives
i7 series are designed for applications that require frequent high-speed and high-precision positioning.
i7 series Servo Drives will make the most of machine performance in the shortest time possible, thus contributing to improving productivity.
i7-series Servo Drives include i7DS for single-axis control and i7DW for two-axis control
2、Double Axis Model Designation
Axis Number:Double Axis
Continuous Output Current:3A-10A
Instantaneous Max.Output Current:10.6A-24.8A
Power Supply:50Hz/60Hz
Interface Type:Pulse train reference/Analog voltage/M-ⅡCommunications/M-Ⅲ Communications/EtherCAT Communications
Power Supply Voltage:220V
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