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DC servo drum is mainly used for logistics sorting and production line automation. Compared with DC brushless drum, it has the following characteristics:
1. Fast response. The minimum start and stop time of the DC brushless drum is 800 milliseconds, and the start and stop time of the DC servo
drum is only 100 milliseconds, or even shorter, which significantly improves the sorting efficiency.
2、Precise movement. The DC brushless drum can only run in the speed mode. The conventional minimum speed is more than 100 revolutions. It can also
roughly move through the software, but different loads may cause inaccurate movement. The DC servo drum can not only rotate at a speed of 1 R / min, but also
run in a position mode through a high-precision encoder to achieve accurate positioning.
3、Smooth operation. The characteristics of the running speed mode of the DC brushless drum determine that it is difficult to start and stop smoothly, so it
is difficult to meet some sorting application requirements. However, the DC servo drum can be switched to the position mode, and the S-shaped acceleration
and deceleration are used to start and stop smoothly, so as to avoid damage or falling of the express.。
4、Durable. The DC brushless drum has a built-in reducer. Generally speaking, the mechanism will be worn during use, while the DC servo drum adopts the
direct drive mode, which saves the use of reducer and reduces the cost.
5、Strong overload capacity. DC servo drum constant torque output, standard model 5N m. It can be overloaded by triple overload to 15 N.m, which is better than
the DC brushless drum in load adaptability.
Application characteristics
※ Working voltage: 24~48VDC
※ Power:400W
※ Rated torque:5N·m,M A x : 15N·m
※ Speed:No load:1120RPM,Rated:750PRM
GCL67400J5-1000M-48   0.4KW  48V  12A  5NM  67MM   750RPM    1000PPR

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