YB210D YB220D series Single-section universal DC power filter

Short Description:

Rated voltage: 160VDC Rated current: 1A~100A Product advantages: specially designed to suppress the interference of DC power line, with excellent low-frequency effect and high cost performance. Application equipment: it is suitable for all kinds of electronic equipment with DC power supply.

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YB210D series DC power supply filter

Product brief introduction (this series of products can provide terminal connection mode)

Rated current 1A-250A is optional.

Working voltage 0-250VDC

Lead wires, welding tabs, bolts, terminal blocks and other lead-out methods are optional.

Can provide customized products

Characteristics and advantages

-ordinary DC filter, with good filtering effect and effective filtering range of 5KHz- 30MHz.

-compact structure, high cost performance, safety, convenience and reliability.

-Yb 210 d and 220D series adopt first-stage common-mode filtering design, and their filtering effects are basically the same.

There are only slight differences depending on the current.

-Products with high working voltage above 250 VDC can be customized.

Application equipment: suitable for communication equipment, base stations, repeaters, program-controlled switches, copying equipment, optical terminals, switching power supplies and other DC-powered electronic equipment.

Specification model:

YB200D-1/YB210D-1 、YB200D-3/YB210D-3、   YB200D-6/YB210D-6

Rated voltage (VAC):110VDC    Weight (g):65g


Rated voltage (VAC):160VDC    Weight (g):130-2600g

YB220D series single DC power supply filter

Rated voltage: 400VDC

Rated current: 3A~50A

Product advantages: specially designed to suppress the interference of DC power line, the highest working voltage is 400VDC, which has strong versatility and wide application range, and has good suppression effect on common mode and differential mode interference within 10KHz~30MHz.

Application equipment: suitable for electric locomotives, power system relay protection, switching power supply, frequency converter and other DC-powered electronic equipment, which can effectively prevent sharp pulses from interfering with the control system.

Specification model:YB220D-6、YB220D-10、YB220D-20、YB220D-30、YB220D-40

Weight (g):160-550g