Sigal Light LA340B

Short Description:

The warning light can provide the user with three kinds of status signals: normal, waiting, and alarm, and can be freely matched according to the different production equipment of the customer to meet the overall installation requirements of the equipment, and achieve the overall aesthetic effect.

Product Detail

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Sigal Light LA340B 

  • Product model:LA340B 
  • Product size:260*60mm
  • Rated Voltage:DC/AC24V
  • Working Temperature: -30°C to +60°C
  • Decibel: ≥ 90dB
  • Wiring method:According to the method used for the required line length and termina

Main feature:

  • Horizontal combination, can be installed above the machine operating system.
  • Soft and eye-catching lighting, good visibility.
  • Built-in buzzer, sounds sweet, good sound.



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