Operating instructions of handheld debugger

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Handheld debugger operation steps:
※ After power on, if the communication is normal, the NOR green light is on. Communication failure, COM red light is on. Drive failure, fault light on.
※ In case of communication failure, please check whether the cable is loose and whether the cable in DB9 falls off. When the driver fails, please check the wiring between the motor and the
driver, whether the power supply voltage is normal, whether the load is too large, and whether the motor is stuck.。
※ MODE changing-over F000、 F001、 F002 ,among F000 corresponding PR000-PR018, F001 corresponding PR100-PR115, F002
corresponding PR200-PR210。
※ After entering the submenu, press ENT to enter the corresponding content. The left triangle shifts, and the upper and lower triangles add and subtract values. Under the menu of digital
input, long press the left triangle for three seconds to reverse the current input value。
※ Under the menus F000, F001 and F002, the system will automatically switch to the speed monitoring mode after 5 seconds, and the current instantaneous speed will be displayed on the
panel at this time.
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