G-5-1 IO controlled stepping driver 2NS860-IO

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IO controlled stepping driver 2NS860-IO

In the automation equipment, transportation, transmission, connection and other functions are often used. Originally

used more traditional speed motor. Stepping with the IO speed control now is more cost effective.

Features : Internal automatic operation in speed control mode , IO control starts and stops , dial code selects running speed, and has two trigger modes. Mode 2 is compatible with the inverter IO mode, IN1 is forward and IN2 is reversed

The states of IN1 and IN2 are the same and stop not turning.

Performance comparison:

Speed accuracy

Start and stop effect


Self-locking force

IO stepping

Stable speed

S-shaped ac/deceleration,start and Start and stop smoothly

Low noise

Self-locking force

Ordinary speed control motor

Large fluctuation

Start and stop jitter

loud noise

Unstable state

Dialing function description

SW9 OFF: IO control, ON: internal pulse automatic forward and reverse

SW10 OFF: Control mode 1, ON: Control mode 2

SW11:OFF:acceleration 1(high acceleration),ON:acceleration2(low acceleration)

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